Things to Consider Before Installing a Mezzanine Floor

Although mezzanine floors don’t have to cover the entire floor of the building, they can have huge impact towards the overall utility and efficiency of the entire building. This is why before calling on the professionals to have it installed in our building, consider reading first the following factors that you need to take into account when putting a mezzanine floor.


The first thing that you should consider when installing a mezzanine floor is the size. Make sure the size of the floor where you will be putting such structure, as well as the size of the materials that you plan to store on it or put under it must be taken into account. Remember that one of the reasons why you’re putting a mezzanine floor is to save space. But, such purpose will not be met if you fail to measure the size correctly. Of course, leave the measuring to the pros, okay?


The design of the entire floor where you will be placing the mezzanine must also be taken into consideration. Note that although it’s just an additional structure on that specific floor, its presence could still largely impact the overall design of the floor or building. So, it also has to be designed in a way that will not serve as an “eyesore” to the overall interior aesthetic design of your building.


Mezzanine floors can serve various purposes. You can have it constructed with the aim of expanding your warehouse facility. You may also have it as a way to improve the efficiency of your company’s automation processes. Others prefer to have it as a display area for their retail store. Or you can have all of these! But, no matter what purpose you have, make sure that these things are well communicated to the manufacturing company that will be constructing it.

Fire Safety

Some mezzanine floors have to be fire rated while others are not. This is why it is important that you contact only professionals in warehouse mezzanine floors because they know best when it comes to dealing with building regulations. They also know best if the floor warrants a sprinkler system, fire safety, and alarm systems.


Handrails are very important. They help ensure safety of all the exposed edges and make the entire floor a lot safer. All the exposed edges must have handrails that protect your stocks and especially your workers or customers from falling. Depending on the purpose of the floor and the overall design, you may opt for either a feature handrail or an industrial handrail. Note that you can always ask for a customization of these handrails so you can still have that mezzanine floor that adheres to your company branding.


Just like the handrails, the staircases must also adhere to the overall interior design of the building and the company’s branding. They should not only ensure safety but they should also contribute towards the aesthetic look of the entire floor. Remember that even though you are just using that floor as storage area doesn’t mean that you can just install ugly staircases. Make everything look according to your company’s branding so that every cent spent will all be worth it.

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