Should You Install Shutters Or Blinds In Your Home?

When decorating, windows are sometimes overlooked. At times, if it provides privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbour, it is enough. But if windows will be given ample attention, it could be a conversation starter or the thing that will bring together a room. Window treatments could construct a unique look to every room as long as it perfectly blends with the room’s whole design and style. A bedroom could be more relaxing, a living room could be more entertaining and a kitchen could be more inviting.

Window treatments could be overwhelming since there are numerous options in selecting the perfect shutters or blinds. Others are thinking shutters and blinds are the same. But in actuality, they have several differences and knowing those distinctions could help you make the right choice for your home. 

Shutters Boost Airflow and Privacy

Shutters are advisable for rooms where privacy is valued. The shutter slats are also adjustable not only for improved airflow but also for sunlight access. Shutters are also durable though more expensive, it lasts longer than any other window covering options. There are various materials used in constructing shutters such as vinyl, wood, PVC and aluminium to go well with other furniture in the room. Shutters because of its sturdiness could also be installed outside the house such as the patio, garage or gazebo. 

For window coverings, be it shutters or blinds, consider Adelaide’s Co Create as an answer to your window covering needs.

Blinds Are Flexible and Affordable

There are various styles of blinds that you could choose from. Some of these styles consist of Venetian, Roman, Vertical, Roller Blind and Panel Glides. The slats for these blinds could either be horizontal or vertical with a fabric overlay to provide more privacy and to control the sunlight coming in from outside that contributes to the increased temperature in the room. One of the big differences between shutters and blinds is that blinds could be made of fabrics making it a more stylish choice with a wide range of colours and patterns to suit even the fussiest buyer. 

Blinds or Shutters?

Both have their own merits and the best way to decide is to determine the room’s need since shutters are permanently fixed, in contrast to blinds. Since shutters are also more expensive and permanent, it increases the value of the property as it is considered an asset. Shutters also provide extra soundproofing, which is advisable to game rooms, entertainment rooms or home studios.

Blinds are recommended if you could not commit to a fixture for a long haul. Blinds are cheaper and could be easily removed or replaced if you get tired of the colour and design and you wanted to redecorate or opt to use for curtains and drapes instead. Blinds are also easier to clean, just a damp cloth will wipe away any dust and dirt. 

Windows provide visual access to the outdoors and useful in providing light and warmth. With windows, the outside view could be part of the room’s interior design and with an advantage such as this, windows should be dealt with the utmost attention to detail, be it with a shutter or a blind.


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