Health And Safety Tips When Working On A Construction Site

Construction sites are places buzzing with action and are also some of the most dangerous places to be, especially if you have no knowledge or basically no idea about the ongoing tasks being performed at a construction site.  At these sites there are very strict rules and regulations that need to be followed through, there are serious repercussions to managers supervisors and project managers if these safety health rules and regulations are not followed. Some areas in construction sites restrict entry altogether to protect the people/workers that don’t have the relevant experience or even simple sufficient experience. This is for their own safety and also to ensure that the company is not liable for any damage caused to a person if they disobey certain rules and regulations laid out for them. Even the simplest working construction sites have high hazardous areas and these are hazardous to the workers and especially hazardous to any outsiders; mainly because they wouldn’t even have the basic knowledge of what needs to be done in an emergency or if in some sort of danger. It is best to stay away from such areas unless and otherwise requested by the workers/supervisors of any particular site. Here are some common risks in a construction site:

1. Heavy Items Being Lifted And Moved

It goes without saying that anything heavy and is lifted up in the air is an extreme hazard as it could fall and potentially land on a person. This could be lethal and or result in major damage to the person. For this reason, when any heavy lifting is being undertaken at a work site, rigging plans are made. This has all the information required about that particular task being undertaken.

2. Electricity

In a construction site, it is quite normal to find many electrical circuits being set up or generally there is a lot of use of electricity for their equipment such as drills etc. This is a very dangerous hazard and can be potentially lethal if necessary precaution is not taken. Workers who handle electrical equipment are generally given a lot of guidelines in the safest ways to carry out their tasks using the equipment. They are also provided safety gear with ample information on what to do in the case of an emergency. For this reason, any regular person should not handle the equipment at a construction site; it may look the same but could be completely different. It is quite advisable to stay away from any electrical equipment at a work site.

3. Noise

Noise is an unavoidable part of a construction site. People who are sensitive to loud noises are advised to stay away from such sites. However, if you are a worker in that particular construction site, then staying away would really not be ideal, now would it? Definitely not. For this reason, there are many safety rules and regulations around noise pollution and harm to people from noise. There are certain safety gear that can be worn in a very loud site to prevent any damage to the people.

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